SIGNAL 39 – Weightless // Night

You can find the full playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:0mbZk5uwIUllHxzhrI7Baz


Lavlinjer –

The world is terrible and hard to navigate these days more than ever. This set of songs has nothing to do with the global situation(s), it can just be an escape to something else for a while. A couple of bonus songs this time. Mrs. Piss is an absolute revelation, Lucia & The Best Boys are truly stunning and my country gothic side has been alive during lockdown – so much so that I’ve also made a big country/folk playlist here.

After listening, consider supporting anti-racist, community and police reform solidarity-initiatives such as Loveland Foundation, NAACP Legal Defense Fund or bail funds across the US – these are some accessible front-lines in the important battles going on at the moment. We can’t all do everything but it’s good to try to do something if you can.