SIGNAL 7 – Soft // Wander

You can find the full 20 song playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:3Cg8vf7YOd3clyHI5EbSrQ


Lavlinjer –
Happy International Workers’ Day!
I’ve been in daze for the last couple of weeks but this episode came together very easily nonetheless. I’ve been asked if there is a theme to this playlist – and while I can feel that there is – I can’t seem to find the right words for it, I just love it; what do you think?
Dream Wife make yet another appearance in Constellation… I saw them live this week and I’m still riding the wave of joy. I can’t wait for their LP to come out! There’s a few songs left that I haven’t shared already, so listen to their ‘EP01’ and if you can go and see them – do!