SIGNAL 6 – Version // Burn

You can find the full 20 song playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:1TsGCQ5FGDcPvHDLEW5ads


Lavlinjer –
This month and the next, I have a long chain of bands that I’m going to see – the list keeps growing [Chelsea Wolfe, Emma Ruth Rundle, Dream Wife, Easter, The Coathangers, Molly Nilsson…]. You can expect to find some highlights here, in between the playlists, very soon.
In the meantime… please enjoy this 6th appearance of Constellation! It’s a mix of very new and very old finds that I want to share.
I’m really excited to hear EMA’s new album ‘Exile in the Outer Ring’, due August – the first release ‘Aryan Nation’ is in this playlist and it’s already ruffled some feathers in ‘heartland America’ somehow.

EDIT: PWR BTTM were removed from this playlist since posting and have been replaced by another song by the amazing Dream Wife – reasons for this are summarised here.