SIGNAL 2 – Head // Space

You can find the full 20 song playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:7f8IobMd7IOPVOVJSiGAAv


Lavlinjer –
‘The Woods’ seems to be a really underrated album by Sleater-Kinney, so I decided to steal its opener for this playlist. I saw the band playing in Camden not so long ago, after the release of ‘No Cities to Love’ and the energy the three of them bring – especially through the drums and vocals – hasn’t faded at all since their first LP over 20 years ago. If you enjoy the first track, then there’s a lot more music for you to explore in their back catalogue.
There’s a lot of variety in this episode, a flow from vaguely punk vibes and pressurised bleakness, into electronics and storytelling. Hopefully this presents some opportunities to link between genres and discoveries.
If you take something from the last track – a stripped down, biting distortion on depression – listen to Emma Ruth Rundle’s other work. The two LPs she has released so far, paint fervent and deep pictures of sorrow and struggle; for some reason, I find comfort in her music when I’m feeling low. Emma is performing at the Lexington, London on the 26th April 2017.